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KBS Group is an integrated logistics solutions company
with all logistics and distribution services under one roof.
Every service is competent, competitive and

KBS Manian & Bros PVT LTD

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KBS Group was founded in 1938 having a reputed brand in the shipping industry over 82 years based at chennai, india. In order to expand our presences into the global market, KBS Groups implements the strategic priorities set out in the corporate strategy. The high performance culture promoted and practiced at KBS Groups serves here as the foundation for effective implementation and long-term corporate success.  We streamline all processes along the entire supply chain, focusing on quality assurance and sustainable progress to provide fast and efficient solutions and ensure the long-term success of our company, our clients, our employees, and our industry.

Our company-wide continuous improvement process is based on our commitments to our customers. Our passion for innovation, and our firm belief in economical, ecological and social sustainability. We provide a comprehensive ranges of 4PL Services to support and streamline all supply chain processes from tendering, global sourcing and transport management, customs, freight cost management, warehousing and distribution.

Acting as a neutral control tower and working from a multi-carrier perspective, we support you wherever you need us so that you can concentrate more effectively on your core business. We focus on increasing transparency and optimizing the long-term management of your supply chain processes by improving the efficiency of freight flows and reducing operating and landed costs.

M/S "KBS Manian & Bros Pvt Ltd" an objective to provide ultimate quality service in the fields of customs clearing and freight forwarding in the main ports and inland container depot in south india. the company is a registered customs house agent with a vaild customs house license no R-140.

The company has it's Head office at chennai and Branch office at 1) Tuticorin, 2) Hosur, 3) Bangalore, 4) Kirshnapatnam, 5) Hyderbad, 6) Guntur, 7) Duvvada & Vizag, 8) Mumbai, 9) Delhi.

The Company's Management is under the Leadership of "Sri D.Vignesh (Chairman & Managing Director)", the third-generation businessman, associated with Group of Companies. He is an  acitv member in may social and welfare associations. the comany is under the direct administration of


Mr. D.VigneshChairman & Managing Director
Mrs. P. VageswariDirector Accounts / Admin
Mr. D. Sathish KumarDiretcor
Mr. Esposito FrancescoDirector
Mr. AR Vinod Kumar NairDirector
Mr. Giridhar Thota Director

Suppored by well-qualified and experienced professionals. the company is having dedicated employee who were well versed with shipping management, Import / Export policies and fully equipped with up-date electronic and communication systems.

To expand our presence into the global market and implements strategic priorities for high performance culture. We aspire to become the leading Logistics Company in India. To have dominant presence in all areas of supply chain management worldwide.

Focusing on quality assurance and sustainable progress to provide fast and efficient solutions for long-term success of our originations.  To build and offer efficient Integrated Logistics Solutions to our customers and to be a partner in their success. We are committed to provide complete logistics solutions in one roof to our customers, through a proactive and responsive approach to customers needs, competitive pricing and quality services.

Strong Skilled workforce, Warehousing, own fleet of transport vehicles, Material Handling Equipment, Strong Financials, Excellent PR with Govt/other Agencies, Good IT Systems. 

•Prompt & positive response
• Team performance
• On time delivery of goods
• To reduce customer complaints
• A quality policy is a document developed by management to express the directive of the top management with respect to quality.

Value Added Service

Value Added Services

Consultancy Services : in the areas of FTP, EXIM, DGFT, Customs, Compliance issues & audits, Investigation matters of SIB/SIIB,DRI, Public Relation(PR) and lobby activity, International Logistics & Supply Chain Management. 

Updates : On important Government Policy matters/changes impacting business operations and transfer/movement of key Government personnel. 

SVB : Special Valuation Branch (SVB) registration, documentation, follow ups and getting favorable Order/ Approval. 

Appeals : Drafting Appeal documents, attending Personal Hearings (PH) with Adjudicating & Appellate authority. 

CTH Review : Classification Reviews, Technical write ups in resolving Custom queries, if any.

SCM Management : Logistic risk mapping and countermeasures for smooth operations to ensure “No Line Stop” & production continuity.

FTA & CR Management : Implementation of FTA, Cost Reduction Kaizens, Risk Mapping, Logistic Solutions.

AEO : Documentation, Inspection & Audit, Verification Report and follow up for Approval/Certification.

SOP : Establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and formulating KPIs in EXIM operations & others on need basis.

PR Strategy : Facilitating periodic meetings with key Customs and other stakeholders to update business conditions.

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