KBS Group is an integrated logistics solutions company
with all logistics and distribution services under one roof.
Every service is competent, competitive and

For clients across a variety of industries, warehousing is a key component of their overall logistics needs. Whether it’s part of ongoing operations       (as in the manufacturing sectors and rubber products ), is a mission-specific requirement related to a corporate move or a special event, having the right kind of warehouse in the right place, at the right time is critically important.   KBS Group Logistics provides clients with access to a vast array of warehouses nationwide and worldwide as a part of our fully integrated supply chain solutions.

Cold Storage

Thiru Rani Ware House

Warehouse (Import, Export & Bonds) – CFS Premises

1,35,000 Sq.Ft


Strengths and Infrastructure 

6-lakh Sq.Ft of warehousing space both open and covered warehouses.

Bonded Warehouse – Chennai 2 lakh Sq.Ft & General Warehouse around 1 Lakh Sqft & Open Storage area around 5-lakh Sq.Ft

Control over +/- 60 vehicles and transports around 1500 tones daily.

Efficient, dedicated staff trained in all aspects of warehousing, transportation, reporting and related computer operations.

Ability to provide Bonded Field, Cold Storage, Buffer Storage and export / import warehousing and allied services of any sort, long / short term etc. at short notice.

Financially strong with a group turnover of over Rs.50 Crores and with the capacity to invest in warehouses and mechanization as required by clients.


Logistics complex at Madhavaram 

Total warehouse complex of 3-lakh Sq.Ft 

Customs Bonded and General Warehouseing

Bonded warehouse of around 2-lakh Sq.Ft.

All facilities under one roof.

Complex functions 24 X 7 basis.

Situated on Manali Express Highway & No traffic restrictions.

Warehouse located at near Chennai Port Area.

Complex with compound wall and 24 hours security.

Fully concreted internal roads with yard lighting.

Efficient trained labour force.

Excellent communication facility by phone, fax, mail etc.


Warehousing Services

The proper storage and tracking of inventory ensures
that delivery times are met


Distribution Services

KBS Group is one of the preferred distribution solution provider in India today.

Security Forces: -

*    A Leading Security Agency In force at our Premises for 24 hrs.
*    2 Security Officer, 4 Assistant Security Officers and 16 Security Guards in each shift.

Safety Measures: -

    Has Renewable License under sec13 of Tamil nadu Fire Service act 1985 and fire services rule 1990 appendix III.
*   Our each Warehouses fully equipped with fire fighting Extinguishers     and Fire Buckets.

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